MySpace parental controls

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MySpace parental controls

MySpace is a pupular hangout for teens. It is surely a great place for teens to meet others of like mind and interests, express themselves and make new friends. Meanwhile MySpace like any other social network has several drawbacks in allowing your teen to roam online freely.

What are the key dangers of MySpace?

Parents should know that MySpace profiles are public and a valid e-mail is the only requirement for membership on MySpace. Thus, child predators too frequently masquerade as teens and teens lie about their ages in order to get access to adult content. There are no MySpace parental controls in place to monitor your teen’s activity within the MySpace system.

How do parents protect teens on MySpace?

The lack of parental controls on MySpace and easy way to get inappropriate content have prompted some parents to entirely block access to the social network from home computers and cell phones. Some parents prefer not to stop their teens’ parties on MySpace, but monitor their activity.

In case monitoring is your choice you can just register on MySpace and follow your child or you might use third-party MySpace parental controls that could make monitoring process much more easy and allow to avoid reading your teen’s harmless gossip with friends on daily basis.

Familoop Safeguard’s MySpace parental controls connects to your child’s profile on MySpace automatically and keeps you informed about red flag signs of profanity, bullying and more detected in your child’s activity.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

No tool can replace involved parent! Communication with your teens is the best way to make them protected and aware of online dangers..

Keep open channels of communication with your teens, use smart MySpace parental controls as a partner to kick-start right conversations and succeed in parenting!

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Familoop Safeguard protects your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other popular social networks – so you can be sure your kids are safe whatever new network they start to use.

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