Web Content Filtering Software

web content filtering software

Whether your kids use an Apple device, Android tablet or smartphone, or home computer to access the Internet, you need to set web controls and ensure your family is protected against web-based security risks and harms.

Make sure your kids enjoy the family Internet safely, every single day.

Familoop Safeguard is a web content filtering software that instantly blocks all age-inappropriate web sites and pages and removes harmful content out of search results. Good web filter and smart parenting work together to keep kids safe from harmful content and media.

  • Proactive Internet content filter
  • Safe web search
  • Personal data protection (credit cards, addresses, phones etc.)
  • Do not track mode
  • Real-time alerts from your internet filter
  • Web browsing history – even for the Incognito mode*
  • User web site safety rating*
  • Smart Protection Rules*
  • Native web browser protection - no need to install another browsing app for mobile protection*

* - Familoop’s exclusive smart protection feature

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

Reliable Internet filter

No worries about browsing safety anymore with reliable web site blocking and content filtering solution.

Our smart Internet filter will block age-inappropriate sites and instantly notify you about any dangerous web sites blocked, suspicious pages visited and searches made – even if your kid uses the Incognito mode.

web content filtering software

Smart Protection Rules

Instead of setting up separate Web content filtering tools for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or Windows devices, Familoop Safeguard automatically sets up age-based Protection Rules that ensure the most appropriate web filtering and protection on all the devices. Familoop Safeguard is more than just web site blocker or controls app, your smart parenting partner that becomes even better with updates.

Easiest mobile browsing safety

Unlike traditional Internet filters and blockers, Familoop’s Internet filtering software protects native browsing apps – not enforcing you to add yet another iOS or Android app to your kid’s smartphone or tablet. As an extension to automatic content filtering options Familoop Safeguard allows blocking of specific web sites or allowing them.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

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