More than just Parental Control Software

You know how your kids are at home. But they aren’t the same kids online. Familoop Safeguard introduces parents to their child’s digital-self. Only when parents know who their kids are online, can they protect them online.

Parental Control Software for Smart Parents

Understand what’s happening

Intelligent parenting is about knowing where your kids are, whom they talk to, and how they behave on their iOS or Android devices and Windows PC or Mac.

Parental Control Software for an insight into child's activity

Stay one step ahead

It is vital to monitor what kids do online. Familoop Safeguard analyzes all of your child’s digital activities and turns information into actionable insights.

Monitor your child's activity with Parental Control Software

Meet them where they are

Parental control software protects all Web, Social and Chat activities on Mobile, PC, and Tablet.

Parental control software protects all Web, Social and Chat activities

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

How we protect

Block unsafe content & search results

Rest assured that Familoop’s upscale Internet parental control software will block inappropriate websites, pages, pictures, and videos and will notify you about any suspicious activities in real-time.

Control Social Networks

Keep your kids safe from bad influences, oversharing, online predators and cyberbullying across Social Networks – set up parental control and monitor all without account login information.

Know where your child is at all times

Feel confident about your loved one’s safety by using features for finding out where your child is, setting up geo-fences and be notified when your kid leaves home or enters dangerous neighborhoods.

Establish communication control

Stay informed on whom your child communicates with over the phone, in messengers, social networks, and over email – all merged in one centralized place for your easy tracking and review.

Manage games, apps, and device time

Apply healthy device time restrictions. Instantly find out if your kid uses age-inappropriate apps or games and block them on iOS or Android devices and PCs.

Actionable insights

Know more and act proactively. Familoop’s real-time dashboards provide key insights into what your child does online and how much time they spend. Identify potential issues before they happen or simply learn more about what your kid is up to.

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* Device is your kid’s cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC on which you set up parental control software. 58% of US kids personally have 3 or more devices.

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Parenting challenges & solutions

Parents know that establishing Internet safety for kids is an ongoing challenge that seems to snowball each day. Just a few years ago, parents mostly worried about filtering inappropriate content and the risks of "stranger danger." Now we’re concerned about much greater online risks such as cyberbullying, sexism, developing a damaging online reputation, and more.

Right Age to Let Kids Have a Cell Phone

My 10 year old is bugging me for iPhone as far as a few of her little friends already have cell phones. He is very responsible for his age but I am thinking 10… I wonder if it is good time for my child to have his first phone and how do I keep my child safe on his phone. What me as a mom should do in this situation?

Risky Contacts on Social Media

My child has over 250 friends on Facebook which I know she doesn't personally know and the things her so called "friends" wrote on her wall really upset me (curse words, etc). I don't want to cancel her party, but not sure how to react. Could you advise?

Inappropriate and Harmful Content

My child is becoming old enough to use our Apple laptop. Some of the things I have seen on the Internet are very disturbing and wrong. And some of the things I have seen done by children are even worse. How can I keep my child safe from harmful content?

Looking for a way to protect your children online effectively and focus on actual parenting instead of daily battles over phone time and limits?

You are not alone in this battle and we have developed a solution – More than just Parental Control Software, your smart parenting partner.

“Familoop Safeguard is a rarity, in that it actually manages full-scale parental control in iOS. I'm quite impressed, but I think it could do even more.”

Neil J. Rubenking
Lead Analyst for Security at PCMag

    Block inappropriate content and search results

    Modern kids spend increasingly more time online where it’s very easy to stumble upon inappropriate content. Despite the rules that most parents put in place, over 40% of the kids admit they have seen online porn at least once.

    Be proactive and prevent your children from exposing themselves to adult or violent content, profanity and other inappropriate things online – with whatever device they are using to access the Internet.

    Protect Social Networks

    Most social networks have an age limit of 13, and for good reasons - almost every day we hear stories about children oversharing private information, getting involved in sexting, cyberbullying and being approached by online predators. Yet almost 59% of kids under age 10 are using social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

    Familoop Safeguard helps to understand what they post and chat about across social networks, messengers and email services and allow you to act proactively.

    Manage games, apps, and screen time

    It’s shocking that modern children spend an average of 11.5 hours per day looking at the screens of their digital devices. Many use their computers at night or play games on their mobile devices at school, which leads to problems with sleep, eating disorders and failing their studies.

    That’s why it’s extremely important to set up time and app rules for your child’s use of technology.

    Know where your child is

    It’s always great to know that your child is safe and sound.

    Set up geo-fences and be notified when your kid leaves home, school or enters a dangerous neighborhood.

    Use pre-defined online protection rules

    Stay one step ahead

    Be proactive with Familoop’ age-based Smart Rules that automatically set a proper protection level, block inappropriate content, set healthy time limits, and monitor messages for signs of sexting, cyberbullying, and online predators.

    Smart contact management

    Focus on actual people, not fragmented conversations

    Your kids can talk with the same person on different channels - like Facebook, Skype and Email. It felt natural that we should merge all these conversations with the same person into a single account.

    Only Familoop Safeguard lets you view them all in one place and never worry about missing any important piece.

    Actionable insights make your digital parenting easier!

    Know more and act proactively.

    Familoop’s real-time dashboards will guide you through potential issues and provide you with appropriate digital parenting advice.

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