Google Plus parental controls

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Google Plus parental controls

If your kid has a Gmail account they are likely to have a Google+ profile. Uses your child this social network on every day basis or not, it becomes one more contact point for strangers and cyber bullyers.

What are the key concerns about Google Plus?

The issue is that Google+ use is based on real names and is directly tied to “real life” – in the case of kids and teens, mostly school life. It can become a your teen’s nightmare when offline bullying go online.

Google provides special safety and privacy features for teens, but it’s up to each user to set them so they’re just right for them. There’s no native parental control on Google Plus that could help with making sure that your child experiences healthy social networking on Google+.

How can you protect your child on Google Plus?

Today’s parenting “toolbox” should include both Google Plus parental controls and essential non-digital tools like your family’s values, house rules and digital safety contract. If your child is uncommunicative about their online time, sometimes it helps to use Google Plus parental controls for monitoring and knowing what’s going on.

Familoop Safeguard’s Google+ parental controls connects to your child’s profile on Google+ automatically and keeps you informed on what your child posts, who follow them and what their so called “friends” write on your child’s profile.

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More social network protection than ever

Familoop Safeguard protects your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other popular social networks – so you can be sure your kids are safe whatever new network they start to use.

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It’s usually best to be fair with your children about your use of monitoring. The reason is, if your Google Plus parental controls highlight inappropriate social network use or cyberbullying signals and you need to talk with your child they won't be surprised that you know and make your conversation much more focused on their safety.

Reliable Google Plus parental controls and thoughtful parenting work together to keep your child safe!

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