Flickr parental controls

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Flickr parental controls

Parents need to know that Flickr is a popular place for kids and teens to store, manage, and share photos and videos online. If your kid sets their photos to public, they become available to the whole world. This also means that your kids can view inappropriate content and parents should take care of their kids healthy experience on Flickr.

What are the key concerns about Flickr?

According to the Flickr guidelines, no photos of frontal nudity, genitalia, or intimate moments are allowed, but if you give a try to Flickr search you will easily find a lot of adult pictures and realize that these rules are frequently violated.

Flickr requires users to be at least 13 years old, but kids can easy bypass age restrictions by lying about their age. Since Flickr assumes there’re no kids on their social network, there’s no need for built-in Flickr parental controls. Users age 13 to 17 have certain restrictions for their safety, including what types of groups they can access and who can see their content – good idea, but without Flickr parental controls you never know for sure what actually your children post and see.

How can you protect your child on Flickr?

Responsible parents need a reliable and easy tool to put parent controls on Flickr and rest assured that it will filter out inappropriate pictures and make your kids’ experience on Flickr funny, educative and safe.

Familoop Safeguard’s Flickr parental controls help you with monitoring of what your child posts online and filtering out inappropriate content according to your child’s age.

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It’s usually best to let your children know about your use of monitoring. The reason is if your Flickr parental controls alert you about inappropriate pictures posting by your child, you need to have a talk. They won't be surprised that you know and it will definitely make your talk much more effective.

Reliable Flickr parental controls and wise parenting work effective together to keep your child’s online reputation safe and protect them from inappropriate content!

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

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