Child monitoring software

child monitoring software

You know what your kids are like at home. But do you know how they are online? They are not the same.

They need your guidance about many things that they see online, but they’re often too embarrassed to ask you for advice.

With our smart child monitoring software and real-time dashboards you can get a complete picture of all the online and offline digital activities of your loved ones. And thus, will be fully armed to protect and help them.

  • Smart kid monitoring software
  • Real-time online dashboards
  • Suspicious activity highlights and alerts
  • Pre-defined reports
  • Device usage history
  • Protection for pictures, videos, communications
  • Smart search*
  • Smart contact through multiple communication channels*

* - Familoop’s exclusive smart protection feature

Use Child Monitoring Software

Rely on Familoop’ upscale child monitoring software will filter out age-inappropriate content, block harmful websites and keep track of your child's computer and phone activity, both online and off.

Feel Connected

Protect your children online while getting to know your children’s digital-selves and interests. You can review all of their activity on one screen of your child monitoring software, which alerts you about suspicious and dangerous activity.

Talk with Your Children

No control is full proof. Use child monitoring software to kick-start a conversation and help your children learn how to lead a healthy and safe digital life.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

Kids do not run out the door without an adult asking them where they are going. The same applies online. You need to know what websites your kids are visiting and what apps they are accessing, keep your kids’ contacts reviewed and make sure they are staying safe. Familoop Safeguard provides an easy way to check in. Enjoy all premium features for free during trial period.

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