Apple Parental Controls

Apple parental controls

Apple TVs, iPods, and iPads give your child access to all kinds of digital content. How can you make sure that your child isn’t being exposed to inappropriate content or engaging in unsafe behavior on any of their devices? You have to engage in smart digital parenting and use Apple parental controls to digitally safeguard your child so you can focus on parenting in real life.

Smart parenting with Apple devices

Choosing an Apple TV, iPod or iPad for your family’s entertainment can be an easy decision thanks to their built in Apple parental controls. With Apple parental controls in place, you’ll be able to restrict which apps your child can access, limit access to certain websites, set time limits for screen time, among other controls. However, these controls can only be managed on individual devices and give you no insights into your child’s activities to learn whether they are using their devices responsibly.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

In order to enhance Apple parental controls already built into their devices, parents often turn to 3rd party vendors in order to ensure their child’s safety. Familoop Safeguard improves upon Apple parental controls by allowing parents to not only limit and monitor their children’s activities, but also gives them insights into your child’s digital activity.

With Familoop Safeguard, you’ll be able to monitor your Apple parental controls for all your Apple devices in a secure Parent Account on Familoop Hub. In addition to the Apple parental controls, you already have, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s visited and blocked websites, web searches, contacts, location, photos in their Camera Roll, and amount of screen time.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of mobile device usage and location:

How do I make sure my child knows how to use their Apple devices responsibly?

Familoop Safeguard’s Apple parental controls are a great way to start conversations with your child about how to use technology safely and responsibly as well as set expectations on appropriate Internet usage. Setting firm boundaries with your children and protecting them online is smart digital parenting. As your child grows into a responsible digital citizen, you can use the Familoop Hub to adjust your Apple parental controls to reflect their maturity levels.

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